Instant Poll!

Instant Polls in Twitter. Just add water!

What's Twitter Instant Polls?

TiPoll is a bot that picks up the the results of polls in twitter. To answer a poll question, follow tipoll, and after a little while, you can answer polls writing:

@tipoll: Yes
@tipoll: 6-3
If you want to suggest a new poll topic, email or leave a comment somewhere in this site.

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      Starting up

      After the (limited) success of the Spanish language site Porralia, which tallies results of polls taken at twitter via the porralia user, and seeing similar sites like Straw Poll now pop up somewhere else, I guess it's worth the while to jump the (linguistic) puddle and create an English site. This one you're looking at.

      09:38 | jmerelo | 11 Comments
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